Calcium Silicate/Chilled Water Pipe Supports


Rilco engineers and produces the traditional Calcium Silicate pre-insulated pipe supports. These supports can be stepped both radially and longitudinally to tie in with the same layering thickness as the line insulation to prevent straight heat path to the pipe.

Rilco manufactures two different types of hot shoe designs including sleeve and bent ear. 

HS-1000 sleeved pipe support design HS-1000 Resting Bent-Ear Pipe Support
Sleeve Bent-Ear
   View Difference Between Bent Ear and Sleeve Designs

Support Functions

Traditional calcium silicate insulated pipe supports can be designed as a resting, guided, or anchor support.

Resting Calcium Silicate Pipe Support Guided Calcium Silicate Pipe Support Anchor Calcium Silicate Pipe Support
HSCS-8x3-4-6-1700 Slide
HGCS-8x1.5-4-3400-1190 Guide


Traditional Calcium Silicate supports are applicable in high temperature environments up to 1200 degrees F. 
Insulation Thickness Range: 0.5” to 8” (13mm—200 mm); ASTM C585 Compatible
Pipe Size Range:  0.5” to 120”

Complete Rilco to Pipe Shields Conversion Chart

Sliding/Resting Supports (see more)
HS-1000 (Pipe Shields B1000)
HS-1100 (Pipe Shields B1100)
HS-1200 (Pipe Shields B1200)
HS-1300 (Pipe Shields B1300)
HS-2000 (Pipe Shields B2000)
HS-2100 (Pipe Shields B2100)
HS-2200 (Pipe Shields B2200)
HS-2300 (Pipe Shields B2300)
Guided Supports (see more)
HG-3000 (Pipe Shields B3000)
HG-3100 (Pipe Shields B3100)
HG-3200 (Pipe Shields B3200)
HG-3300 (Pipe Shields B3300)
HG-4000 (Pipe Shields B4000)
HG-4100 (Pipe Shields B4100)
HG-4200 (Pipe Shields B4200)
HG-4300 (Pipe Shields B4300)
Anchor Supports 
HA-4000 (Pipe Shields C4000)
HA-4100 (Pipe Shields C4100)
HA-4200 (Pipe Shields C4200)
HA-4300 (Pipe Shields C4300