Rilco Cam Roller Constants


Through years of research and development, Rilco has developed the Rilco Cam Roller Constant. The design of the Rilco Cam Roller™ constant or “RCR” compensates for the vertical movement of a piping system at a performance level previously unattainable using standard horizontal type or vertical type constant spring supports. The below graphic outlines several of the many reasons why the RCR is the best choice in vertical movement support.

Design Features:
RCR constants are fabricated using a space-saving, balanced design compatible with standard Rilco pipe hanger hardware. Site installation is enhanced as well, via the use of a centered, single-point connection. RCR constants transfer the load directly through the center of the body, eliminating the movement imposed on the supporting members (typically seen with the use of standard level arm constants). The interpretation of the vertical displacement of the supported piping is made simpler through the use of a direct reading travel indicator. 

Single Unit Cam Roller Constant Double Unit Cam Roller Constant Triple Unit Cam Roller Constant Quad Unit Cam Roller Constant
Single Unit Double Unit Triple Unit Quad Unit

A rugged carbon steel housing encapsulates the springs and other moving parts of the unit. The center-mount feature of the unit allows for the support of the piping system directly above the support node point on the pipe. If required, optional mounting arrangements are available to tie into existing support lugs. Connecting threads are interchangeable with all standard hanger components. RCR units that consist of multiple units tied together for increased load capacity are supplied with a yoke plate at the top and the bottom connection points.

Performance Range:
Rilco Cam Roller™ constants are available with a standard load capacity of 20 lbs (.09 kN) to 88000 lbs (391 kN) with standard travel ranges of 3”(75mm) through 18”(450mm). Loads and travels beyond those listed can also be accommodated. Contact us directly for more information.

Every RCR constant is tested for operational ability and proper settings per customer specifications and Rilco’s quality control standards. The innovative design enables the RCR to exceed the MSS-SP-58 requirement of a 6% load deviation and commonly tests at a deviation of 3% or less (test results available upon request).

Operational Function:
Rilco is proud to announce that the RCR constant pipe support incorporates all of the necessary elements to create a near-perfect constant:
1. Absolute load setting reliability
2. Minimal component friction
3. Reliable indicators of travel and load
4. Precise adjustment of the unit should deviations be required

Cam Roller Constant Catalog 

     View our Cam Roller Constant Catalog for complete specs.

RCR Constant Size Quick Reference Chart

Need to figure out which Rilco cam roller constant type you need? Use our handy load and travel table to figure out the constant you need for your particular application.

Rilco Cam Roller Constant Size Quick Reference Chart

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