PyroWrap Pipe Supports

Pyrogel® XT-E Insulation Temperature, Thickness, & Pipe Size Range

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Rilco PyroWrap Pipe Support systems are applicable for environments up to 1200 degrees F.  The Pyrogel® XT-E Insulation material is used widely in refineries, petrochemical, and gas processing industries.  It is up to 5 times better in regard to thermal performance than alternative insulation materials.

PyroWrap supports are 50-75% thinner than systems using traditional hot insulations such as Calcium Silicate, making them lighter, and therefore, less costly to install.  The size reduction is largely due to the efficiency of the Pyrogel® XT-E insulation and the cutting edge design of the support structure.

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Insulation Thickness Range: 0.2 in — 7 in (5mm - 180 mm)

Pipe Size Range: 0.5 in - 42 in


The PyroWrap pipe supports systems are manufactured to match the diameters of the Aspen Aerogels® Pyrogel® XT-E insulation thickness allowing for seamless transitions from the support structure to the line insulation and for the piping to be nested closer together throughout the system's design. The Pyrogel® XT-E insulation is hydrophobic; however, it still allows water vapor to escape through the insulation, significantly reducing the onset of CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) at the pipe support locations.

The graphic below indicates a diameter comparison of Pyrogel XTE insulation compared to several other materials. All four designs provide the same level of thermal protection.

The design of the Rilco PyroWrap system also permits for the modularization of the pipe. This feature provided the option for the supports along with the insulation to be pre-installed off-site, or at a safe location on-site. The system's durability enables the pre-installed sections to be transported to the project site without damage. 

Additionally, Rilco PyroWrap™ pipe supports are differentiated from alternatives by their hydrophobic properties throughout the entire matrix of insulation rather than merely on the surface level.  The structural integrity of the system is unsurpassed due to the durability and resilience of the supports and insulation. PyroWrap™ supports are 50-75% thinner than systems with traditional hot insulation such as Calcium Silicate, making them lighter and, therefore, less costly to install.  Furthermore, our supports are uniquely designed for each project and backed up with physical testing in order to ensure they perform for the life of a project.  

Finally, one of the most essential benefits that the PyroWrap™ systems provide is the ability to support the pipe without sacrificing the dimensional and thermal insulation benefits of the Pyrogel XTE™ material.  When the Pyrogel™ is backed by the Rilco support design and product expertise, the result is the highest quality pipe support for our clients. 

PyroWrap Anchor Patents:
US Patent: 9,068,685 B2
Japanese Patent: 6073891
European Patent: EP 2748501 B1


Support Functions

The PyroWrap pre-insulated pipe supports are designed as either a resting, guided, or anchor support.

Resting Pyrowrap Pipe Support Guided Pyrowrap Pipe Support Anchor Pyrowrap Pipe Support