Insul-Guides are pre-insulated pipe supports fabricated from polyurethane and used for low temperature applications. They are designed for service temperatures ranging from -425 deg. F to + 275 deg F (-253 to +135 deg C). They are fabricated with carbon steel square bases that are galvanized according to ASTM A653 standards. All exposed surfaces of the polyurethane foam are coated with a monolar mastic to protect against any moisture damage. 

IG-90-SL-R Insul-Guide IG-90-DL-R Insul-guide
IG-180-SL-R Insul Guide IG-180-DL-R Insul Guide

Insul-guides are used for most typical applications on flat surfaces but can be modified for specific client requirements. They are designed for ease of installation and the insulation is cut to match the line insulation. The supports are attached to the low temperature pipeline using bands. Both single layer and double layer insulation is available. Insul-guides are recommended as a low-cost solution for low-temperature pre-insulated pipe support needs. 

Support Function

Insul-guides function as either a resting or guided support. If being utilized as a guide, the guide load is not to exceed 20% of the vertical load.