Heavy Duty Alloy Steel Pipe Clamp

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Part #325
Heavy Duty Alloy Steel Pipe Clamp

heavy alloy steel pipe clamp                                heavy alloy steel pipe clamp drawing                                                                                                           

Size Range 10" to 24"
Material: Chrome Molybdenum Steel except U-bolt which is stainless steel
Finish: Black, Galvanized, or coated to customer specifications
Applications: Recommended for suspension of high temperature pipe requiring up to 6" of insulation
Approvals: Complies with Manufacturers Standardization Society SP-69 (Type 2)
Maximum Temperature: 1075°F (580°C)
Ordering: Specify pipe size (nominal and exact), part number, name and finish. Special alloy filler plates will be provided, at an extra
charge, when the O.D. of the pipe size is other than standard, installation instructions are attached to the clamp when the filler plates are required.

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