CryoWrap Resting Support

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Applications and Features
- Temperature Range -460° F to 195° F.
- Higher Temperature Applications Available
- Teflon®/2B SS 304 slide plates on shoe and supporting steel on sizes 26” and larger
- Design loads based on a safety factor of 5
- A36 steel construction
- A307 or A193 B7 plated bolts/studs
- See technical specification RCS-750- Test results available upon request
- Steel finish available in galvanized finish or painted
- Increased loading capability available. Contact Rilco for additional information
- Support constructed in accordance with ASME B31.1, B31.3 and MSS-SP58


Ordering Instructions-Please Specify:
- Model Number
- Nominal Pipe Size
- Insulation Thickness
- Support Length
- Vertical Load
- Movements



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