February 2015

Tradeshow Time

Next month Rilco will be exhibiting at HRSG in Orlando, FL and at NACE Corrosion in Dallas, TX.  HRSG will be held on March 9th-11th and NACE will be held the following week on March 16th-19th. If you are in either area and are interested in stopping by our booth please let us know!

HRSG Conference 2015 

The HRSG Conference and expo is the premier gathering place for the combined-cycle/cogeneration operator industry.  This conference will host over 500 attendees and will focus on the range of challenges engineering faces in these combined-cycle/cogeneration plants.  Rilco specializes in the customization of our pipe supports and other product offerings, so that we can meet the needs of almost any project type.  

NACE Corrosion Exhibit 2015 

Nace is the world's largest conference and expo focused on the prevention and mitigation of corrosion.  More than 7,000 professionals and 450 companies will be attending in Dallas, TX and Rilco will be one of them.  We will be showcasing how Rilco's CryoWrap and PyroWrap pre-insulated pipe support systems can help prevent and significantly reduce the major costs associated with CUI, or corossion under insulation.  

pre-insulated pipe shoes