About Rilco Manufacturing

Company History

Rilco Manufacturing's Company History

Rilco Manufacturing Company has been among the leaders in the development of a wide variety of pipe supports and components since 1972. Anthony Zagorski, who serves as the current chairman, started the company as a small pipe insulation facility and has been at the forefront of the company’s innovation, vast growth, and outstanding success. Kenneth Zagorski, the president and CEO, has adopted this drive for expansion as he continues to inspire innovation and develop creative market strategies. As a family-owned company Kenneth also works along-side his brother Brett Zagorski, the vice president and COO.

The leadership at Rilco Manufacturing has enabled growth through additions, expansions, and continuous diversification of product lines. Some of the Quality Assured state-of-the-art products offered by Rilco include:

  • Assorted hardware
  • Constant springs
  • Fasteners
  • Guides
  • Pipe anchors
  • Pipe clamps
  • Pipe saddles
  • Pipe shoes
  • Pre-Insulated pipe supports
  • Special fabrications
  • Structure engineering services
  • Variable springs
Meet Our Team
Rilco Manufacturing Clients

Our Clients

Our clients are owners of power, chemical, LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) plants, oil refineries, as well as EPCs.

Rilco Manufacturing Facilities

Our Facilities

Our manufacturing plants total over 200,000 square feet.

Rilco Manufacturing Employees

Our Employees

Our employees are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service along with the highest quality products.

President's Letter

Here at Rilco Manufacturing we have strived to maintain a focus of customer-service within ourselves and inspire this within our employees. We strive to exceed clients’ expectations by providing the most reliable information available, upholding our promise of the highest quality products, and consistently meeting our delivery deadlines. Since Rilco Manufacturing was established in 1972 we have also made it a goal of ours to remain at the forefront of technology within our industry. We invest considerable capital into various research and development experiments each year to ensure our pipe support system designs, materials, and components are tried and true meeting all safety and performance standards.

With quality, safety, reliability, and a high level of customer service always in the minds of our employees we aim to perform at our highest level from even the smallest projects we receive to the largest projects we are awarded. 

The near future will be an exciting time for Rilco Manufacturing as we evolve and grow into a lean operating company and more than double our current production space. We cater to a diverse range of customers and are capable of customizing our products for almost any project need. 

I thank you for your interest in our growing company and I truly look forward to our continued partnership and exploring relationships with new organizations that will potentially be added to our worldwide client base.


Kenneth L. Zagorski
President & CEO