HA-6111PW-Anchor Support

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HAPW-6x100-6-24-3800-1900-5400 Hot Anchor Support

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Applications and Features
- Resist axial, vertical and/or lateral pipe loads.
- Support supplied with guide angles and axial stops.
- Accomodates lateral loads up to 20% of actual vertical load.
- Temperature Range -40° F to 1200° F.
- Higher Temperature Applications Available.
- A-36 steel construction.
- See technical specification RHS-850
- Test results available upon request.
- Steel finish available in Galvanized or painted finishes.
- Support constructed in accordance with ASME B31.1, B31.3 and MSS-SP58.
- A307 or B7 plated bolts/studs.
- For special applications, or for information on other Insulation and Pipe sizes, contact Factory
- Utilizes RILCO proprietary low profile ears.
PyroWrap Anchor Patents:
US: 9,068,685 B2
Japanese: 6073891
European: EP 2748501 B1


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